Private Worship


You don’t have to live in the same box that you’ve been trapped in your whole life. You can conquer and have victory over your emotions, and truly walk out the plan God has for you, with complete confidence and faith that what He says is true. As you begin to devote an amount of time to worshiping God, you will start to see victory. Victory in the way you think, victory over any fears you struggled with, and victory in an intimate relationship with God. Worship is something that God will never force, yet he greatly desires it. He longs to have an intimate relationship with you, and bestow upon you His love. It is very clear in John chapter 4, that as Jesus states, “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.” (verse 23). As a born again child of God, you have direct access to God. And even when all hell is waged against you, the moment you choose to lift those hands and tell him that you worship and love Him, you put Him on cloud 9. There’s nothing He wants more than to have an intimate relationship with you. Why wait any longer? Let’s go get to know our Father! The following teachings will help encourage and instruct you into a lifestyle of worship. Also we have a website devoted to encouraging you in your times of worship. For the worship encouragement website click here.

Private Worship I

  1. Drink From the Well of Worship
  2. Worship in Spirit and in Truth
  3. What Will Hours of Worship Do in You
  4. How to Develop God’s Agape Love in You
  5. The New Nature Brings Perfected Praise
  6. Satan Wants to Be Worshiped
  7. The Anointing of the Believer
  8. The Path Into God’s Power and Miracles
  9. Worship – Knowledge Is Not Enough
  10. Private Worship – The Door to God’s Glory
  11. Bonus Worship Prophecies I | PDF
  12. Bonus Worship Prophecies II

Private Worship II

  1. God Is Truly Your Father
  2. God Revealed Himself as Your Father
  3. Knowing My Father Through Worship
  4. Worship Limb: Where God Wants Us to Go
  5. Preparing for Longer Times of Private Worship
  6. He Cannot Love Himself in You For you | PDF
  7. I Cannot Love Myself in You for You
  8. Worship on a Personal Level
  9. No Provision? Add More Fellowship
  10. The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Mighty Through God
  11. Worship God in Truth
  12. Bonus Worship Service CD

Private Worship III

  1. The Father’s Love for Us
  2. Private Worship – The Fellowship Gift
  3. Private Worship – Worshipping God in Truth
  4. Worship: Sustain Your Emotions in the Heat of Battle
  5. The Power of Private Worship to Sustain You
  6. The Love of God is Tangible
  7. Following God’s Path Into His Compassion
  8. Don’t Lay Down the Revelation Gift
  9. My Path Into Private Worship 
  10. The Love of God Defeats Greed
  11. Bonus Worship Prophecies | PDF

Private Worship IV

  1. Worship: I Will Set My Love Upon Him
  2. Private Worship and God’s Compassion
  3. Worship and God’s Love: Receiving All He Has Given
  4. What Love Can Do When Greed Is Aborted
  5. Going on Into Revival
  6. We Are Going Through the Door of Love into Revival
  7. Continuing Through the Door of Love
  8. We’ll Be Operating in the Fullness of God’s Love
  9. I Made It Through the Door
  10. Private Worship: Move Forward and You’ll Be Ready
  11. Bonus Worship Prophecies I
  12. Bonus Worship Prophecies II