Meditating on the Word


When you were born again, you received a new nature that is hungry for the things of God. On the other hand you have a soul that was under subjection to the ways of the world. Luckily God gave us a tool to renew our minds and receive revelation knowledge with the help of the Holy Spirit. To put it simply, meditating the word is taking a book of the bible and reading it over and over. When we go through the gospels of Jesus we see that He did not teach in chapter and verse, rather in whole images. You pick a book, then begin reading each chapter 10, 20, even up to 30 times, not going into deep study of any verse. The goal is to equip your spirit with the word of God, which in turn equips the Holy Spirit to highlight thoughts that stand out in that chapter. As you repeat that process for each chapter contained in the book you are reading, whole thoughts from the previous chapters begin to tie together. Pair this tool with praying in tongues and revelation knowledge will drop in your spirit concerning that book of the bible.  Ephesians 6:17  likens the word of God to the sword of the Spirit, it truly is a double edged sword. As you subject your soul to meditating on the word, you are being transformed by the renewing of your mind to think on the word of God (Rom 12:2). At the same time, through spending time meditating the word, the thoughts and images of each chapter begin to be revealed to you, and a solid foundation of truth is built up on the inside of you. Jesus said it best in the 17th chapter of John “sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth.” It only makes sense to spend time reading the word, having our minds built up on truth. The following teachings will help further instruct and encourage you to spend time in His Word.

How To Meditate the Word of God

  1. The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth
  2. The Art of Meditating on the Word of God


Meditation by Assimilation

  1. Preparing for Your Calling
  2. Day and Night Meditations
  3. Equipping Your Soul for Meditation


Meditation, Imagery, and Delivery

  1. The Laws That Govern Meditation of His Word
  2. The Power of an Intercessor
  3. Who Is the Greatest in the Kingdom of God?
  4. Praying in Tongues and Speaking Mysteries
  5. The Rock of Doing Jesus’ Sayings
  6. The Proper Use of the Power of Money
  7. Jesus Was Married to Israel by the Law
  8. Grace Versus Works