Praying in the Spirit


Praying in tongues/praying in the spirit, is a revelation gift for the body of Christ. It is a supernatural language created by God to reveal, buildup and strengthen you. The primary purpose of this supernatural gift is to cause you to walk into the plan of God for your life. When you pray in tongues, you are speaking mysteries(1 Corinthians 14:2). However it’s not a mystery to God, but to you. You see, God already knows His plan for your life, He already understands the fullness of His word, and He understands what is keeping you from experiencing what He has for you. During prayer, You are the one receiving the understanding of these mysteries. Can you imagine that? As you speak these mysteries, they are literally pulling you into the future that He has for you. Why wouldn’t you want to devote some of your time towards prayer? Well why don’t I understand what I am saying? The Holy Spirit purposely leaves your mind out of the understanding because if you understood what He is praying about, your mind will rise up and protest whatever it is that God is praying to change in your life. So as you pray in the spirit, God bypasses your mind, your wants, your desires, your plan and begins to pray according to His Mind, His Wants, His Desires, and His Plan for your life. As you invest time to pray in the spirit, you will notice that you will begin to understand God’s plan for your life and walk into it. The resources below will help you further understand this gift and different things to expect when you give yourself to times of prayer. 

Book: “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power” By Dave Roberson

Basics of Prayer

  1. Contending for the Faith
  2. How the Holy Spirit Helps Us
  3. Greatness in the Kingdom of God
  4. Restoring a Little One
  5. Why Does Tongues Build Us Up?
  6. Watering the Seed of Your Future
  7. Why People Fall Out of Prayer
  8. The Diversities of Tongues
  9. Lasting Change Comes from Within
  10. How to Divide Your Prayer Time