Fasting is probably one of the least popular keys when it comes to spiritual development. What does not eating have to do with me developing my spiritual walk? How and why does fasting work? Those are just some of the questions that we come across as we begin to implement this key. It seems that almost every christian has his/her opinion on what fasting is for and whether or not it is important. As we read throughout the gospels we see that Jesus expected his followers to fast when He said ‘In those days they will fast’ and ‘when you fast’. It seems like Jesus expected all His disciples to practice fasting yet so many christians speak against it. If Jesus expects us to fast perhaps we should find out more about this key and why it is important for us to practice it. Fasting is a very powerful tool to bring your flesh into subjection to your spirit. Are you having problems praying long hours? Are you having problems believing for something? Do you have problems with sin or addiction? Those are just some of the areas that a steady lifestyle of fasting will begin to change. Let’s dive into the following messages to see exactly what this key does and how to properly utilize it in our lives. 

Basics of Fasting

  1. Fasting Deals With Your Unbelief
  2. Fasting Enforces the Position of Death
  3. Fasting Preserves Your Wineskin
  4. Do Not Hide From Your Flesh
  5. The Fast Chosen for Jesus